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What We Do

The First Step is to Step Back

An Effective Plan Starts with a Comprehensive Assessment.

Your Life. Your Goals. Your Future.

An effective long-term financial plan starts, first and foremost, with an in-depth look at all the different components that make up your current economic situation. 

Chances are you already have relationships with qualified professionals who focus on specific aspects of your financial situation such as taxes, insurance, investments and legal documents. But who is looking at your entire situation to make sure your goals are met and everything is coordinated? 

At PS&E, we start with a holistic audit of your current financial picture. We also work with you to define your specific financial goals, both during your lifetime and for future generations. 

Armed with this in-depth knowledge, the professionals at PS&E can identify potential problems, short-falls and coordination issues and then begin to formulate and design a comprehensive financial plan tailored to help meet your specific needs. 

The PS&E team uses a sophisticated web-based tool for capturing, modeling and reviewing your financial situation. Each client has access to their own secure website or Wealth Management System (WMS) which is updated daily. 

For many clients the WMS provides the first look at their entire financial situation. There are numerous reports that provide up-to-date information about your current situation including Net Worth, Cash Flow, Investment Allocation, and Estate Distribution. There is even a digital vault to store all your important documents. 

The PS&E team leverages their wisdom and experience to develop creative solutions that help towards meeting your unique short- and long-term objectives. The WMS allows the PS&E team to model how various financial strategies and products will impact your ability towards meeting your goals.

Simplifying the Complex

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.

Making the Complex Understandable

One of the things PS&E does best is presenting creative and sometimes very complex financial concepts in a way that you can truly understand where you stand, our recommendations, and their implications on your financial future. 

We do this by using diagrams. 

Most, if not all, people are visual learners and as such, diagrams are an effective tool to help us tell your story. 

We use the Wealth Management System (WMS) to provide the numbers and modeling capability and diagrams to provide you with the pictures of how it all fits together.

Doing What You Plan

Implement, Review and Adjust.

Putting Your Plan into Practice

The financial plan that PS&E develops for you is like a blueprint for a new house. It remains just a "good idea" until it's actually implemented. Just as someone needs to coordinate the efforts of everyone involved in building a house - from excavators and carpenters to masons and painters - the same is true when it comes to implementing your financial plan. 

The professionals at PS&E are your financial "coordination specialists". They can orchestrate the activities of your financial team - including attorneys, accountants and investment advisors - to ensure that each part of your plan is implemented.

The World Changes, So Should Your Plan.

It's important that once your financial plan is in place and implemented, periodic reviews occur to adjust your financial plan based on changes in your life, your objectives and prevailing economic conditions. Your PS&E team proactively schedules these reviews to ensure that each aspect of your financial future is just where you need it to be. 

Our fee-based financial planning process ensures objectivity and comprehensiveness, all built on a foundation of integrity that is the hallmark of PS&E. 

Objective. Dedicated. Proactive. 

Our strengths can be one of your best assets. 

Now that you know the road the professionals at PS&E can guide you down, take the next step by scheduling a meeting with us and plan to prosper.